Ashoka chakra
National Apprenticeship Training Scheme Instituted by BOATs/BOPT under MHRD
Ashoka chakra

தேசிய தொழில் பழகுநர் பயிற்சி திட்டம் (தே.தொ.ப.ப.தி.)

தொழில் பழகுநர் பயிற்சி வாரியம்

Ministry of Education, Government of India

Logic for Panel (Facilitate Training Placement – FTP)

The list obtained as part of panel search result is automatically derived by the system based on the following factors:

  • "Apprentice/Education type" and "Branch/Specialization" selected for this request.
  • When the search is made based on “Student” list
    • Reservation criteria of the State where the establishment is enrolled will be followed.
    • 70% students are selected based on enrolled list and remaining 30% are selected based on preference to do training (candidate aspiration) at the establishment.
    • Student selection is based on "Year of Passing" selected as part of the search criteria. In case sufficient number of Students are not available, then students from the least previous Year of Passing (or) subsequent Year of Passing based on the selected “Year of Passing” will be considered. E.g., For a search made for 2015 students, if sufficient students are not available, matching students from 2016 onwards will get listed. For a search made for 2017 students, if sufficient students are not available, matching students from 2015 onwards will get listed.
    • Within a year of passing, the preference will be based on
      • Enrollment date.
  • When the search is made based on “Institution” list
    • Within a year of passing, the preference will be based on
      • Enrollment date.
      • Candidates who were rejected in previous panels.
    • Bubble up of students based on selected “Year of Passing” will be done similar to Student listing.
  • For candidates who have entered only CGPA as part of their profile, the percentage of marks will be calculated as CGPA*9.5 irrespective of the actual calculation prescribed in the certificate of the candidate.
  • In case students are not available in a particular category (e.g. enrolled list) but available in the other (e.g. aspired list), then the combined list is used to arrive at the total number of students.
  • Ratio to arrive at overall numbers
    • Call letter is at 1:5.
    • Award letter is at 1:1.
  • From the generated list, no addition or deletion of student is possible.
  • Selection of candidates is establishment preprogative.
  • Candidates blocked in a panel will not get listed in any other search for panel until establishment takes action.
  • Students with college name marked as ”Others” will be considered in panel from 26-Jun-2018.
  • Students selected in a panel will be released after 90 days if no action is taken by the establishment. Once released they will be visible in subsequent panel search.
  • Priority for students who have not been shortlisted for a panel over who have already got atleast one chance.
  • Candidates enrolled under Sandwich category are not eligible for selection under FTP process. In case any such candidate gets enlisted due to incorrect data provided, their name shall be removed from the panel list without any notice.
  • Upcoming soon
    • Geo based selection of candidates
  • Changes
    • Timestamp based selection for students enrolled on the same day.
    • Bubble up for Institution based search similar to Student search.

National Apprenticeship Training Scheme (NATS) portal provides a platform for various stakeholders like Students, Establishments and Institutions to leverage the Apprenticeship training programme.

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